This is a snapshot of our website, from some random day back in 2006. We have been inactive for quite some time now, but there is still work being done, and new recordings are being made. Eventually, we will find the time for a new website as well. We would also like to thank you for your patience and your encouraging feedback all these years!


Under reconstruction!

Yes, the site has been dead for quite a lot of time, but we are not! I am rewritting the website from scratch. It will be ready by June 2007. More music is being written and recorded meanwhile, and new songs will be available to celebrate our new web site.


...You might be interested in Thanos Tsouanas & the BiG Nosed Ants, where you can find newer music and songs to download.

Welcome to

Greetings, I am Thanos Tsouanas and I welcome you to the Website of Sians, my musical Band. Here you can find Information about us, whole Songs which you can download, Pictures and Poetry we have turned into Songs.

This is also the place to find our latest news. Please don't hesitate to contact us for anything that you might Need and you cannot find here.

In a Nutshell, I am the Music Composer, while Iraklis Horaitis is the Vocalist. For further Info, browse through the Website and you'll find a lot of Details. Please use the Menu above to navigate through our Pages. Sections that are not Links on the Menu, will be soon available.

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